About Me


I am a Portland-based artist that is trained in calligraphy and fine arts. I have shown pieces at local art shows such as the RAW show and love to do custom work for small Portland businesses. I grew up in California and began painting with my grandmother when I was 2 and started formal classes at 3. While I have studied watercolor, ceramics, life drawing, mixed media and more, I am completely entranced by the magic of the written word. 

Subject Matter

As a queer artist living with anxiety and depression, I feel drawn to words and illustrations that create openings for communication and understanding of mental health stigma. I am inspired by feminist works, mindfulness practices, and honest self-reflection. Most of my original art revolves around these values, though I greatly enjoy stretching my repertoire through commissioned pieces where I may be led in new directions by a client.  

My Vision

I strive to create art that is meaningful to the experience of being human in simple terms that encourage kindness and understanding of those around us. Opening lines of communication about what touches the heart in countless ways is my driving forces, from the first sip of morning coffee to the last moments before sleep. I love the raw nature of emotion, and work to channel its freedom into beautiful art. 

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Linnea Cat Stahura

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